All Quilters are (created) Equal

Fast and Easy…that’s how this blog is gonna go. If you have any complaints about that, you probably never get laid. Or you probably have an MBA.


Assumed quilter woman drinking Glenlivet straight dressed in a Bon Jovi “Lost Highway” T-shirt…I honestly have no idea if this is a new album or an old one. You could probably Google it.


The personal attack I took for my place of business not being the former place of business it was before new ownership of building. I take all responsibility. I didn’t deserve a tip, I know. How dare I brightly make menu suggestions and diligently provide good service after staggering hostility in order to make sure your experience at THIS restaurant is a good one?! I know Reubens are IMPOSSIBLE to find in any other town in America. Thank you for kindly pointing out that our delicious smoked gouda BLT “Isn’t exactly a Reuben, now is it?”.  Tomorrow I will kindly ask at the door which place of business you would like me to magic the building into so you don’t have to make difficult decisions like “Do we eat here, somewhere different or somewhere which no longer exists?”.


About JodySuh

An expose on the 73rd annual most important week in Paducah, KY ever forever of the year. As told to Jody Suhrheinrich, service industry professional, Quilt City, USA. *Facts may be distorted for accuracy. Please don’t have me fired. Or killed.
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