You fancy, huh?

Just to prove this site isn’t a complete fanny-pack-old-lady-bash, I would like to report one of my very favorite quilt encounters of the past. About 3-8 years ago I was chatting about on my cell phone whilst pacing the central hub of the downtown Paducah parking lot when I was interrupted by the man pictured below…

Jody: “No. Yes. No, I told him that. No. Yes!”

Man: “‘Scuse me, Miss?”

J: Quick assessment of rape to robbery probability is low “Yessir?”

M: ‘Can you tell me where I can buy a quilt around here?’

J: “Heh. Well pretty much anywh–”

M: (interrupts) ‘I mean like a real nice one. You know? Maybe with cats on it?’

J: Blank is-this-really-real-?-stare. “Kitties? KITTY CATS, of course! I love those things.” Wide grin.

M: “Yeah, like a fancy one, that I could hang on m’wall?”

J: “Hrrrm. Well if anyone was gonna have a kitty cat quilt it would be that store over there…or you can maybe ask real quilters at the museum?” Points to each location. 

M: “Oh ok, so you think that store has Kentucky quilts?”

Jody: “What?”

Man: “Wildcat quilts! My mama loves UK basketball!”

Jody: (totally dejected) “Oh. Probably nowhere. Bye.”

And when I tell you this blog will be a fair and balanced representation of quilting and the people who love quilts, I DO NOT mean that I will NOT be including my LOVE for kitties and my HATRED for UK Basketball!!

Here is the quilt you should have purchased, sir. SIR! I SAY GOOD DAY!!


About JodySuh

An expose on the 73rd annual most important week in Paducah, KY ever forever of the year. As told to Jody Suhrheinrich, service industry professional, Quilt City, USA. *Facts may be distorted for accuracy. Please don’t have me fired. Or killed.
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1 Response to You fancy, huh?

  1. Oh girl, I kinda want that last kitty one. It’s purdy. COLORS!

    So glad you’re doing this, Iiiiiilove it!

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